Plenty to Write About

Plenty to Write About

When Donovan Chan arrived to his desk inside Ms. Nguyen’s sixth grade classroom at Peyton Elementary on August 1, Donovan was immediately greeted with a writing assessment that was already on the board.  To open the new school year, Ms. Nguyen had neatly written the year’s first writing prompt; Please describe one exciting event from your summer.  Donovan’s eyes immediately gained a sparkle because he couldn’t wait to describe to his classmates his amazing experience at Coach Stoudamire’s Basketball Camp this June.  

From June 18-21, Donovan was one of 125 campers that arrived each morning at 8:30 AM ready work on his game.  Donovan was part of the Waiting to Shine Program that saw the Pacific Tigers Men’s Basketball Program work in conjunction with the Stockton Unified School District and several program sponsors to provide 25 campers the experience of a lifetime; the opportunity to attend basketball camp. In a 15-minute telephone interview with Donovan, here is what we learned about his experience:

What was your favorite part of camp?
I loved the afternoon scrimmages.  I had my own team and it was fun competing against all of the other players in camp.

What did you learn from your team coach?
Coach McMurtry really emphasized that I have a habit of dribbling the ball too much on offense. Good offense begins with me getting my teammates properly spaced on the floor and then moving the ball.

What were your impressions of the University?
This was the first time that I had ever been to Pacific.  I was shocked at the size of the campus and how beautiful the gyms and courts were. These were the nicest gyms that I have ever played basketball in.

What was your favorite part of camp other than basketball?
I looked forward to our lunchtime everyday.  We had great tasting food and I always got to go back and get seconds.

What plans do you have for next summer?
I certainly hope that I get invited back.  I have told all of my friends and they can’t wait to go back with me.

With the energy and passion that Donovan put on display for the four days that he was on campus, it certainly appears that he has earned a return invitation to next summer’s camp.