Tigers Fall Twice at Stanford West Coast Classic

Tigers Fall Twice at Stanford West Coast Classic

PALO ALTO, Calif. – The Pacific women's beach volleyball team dropped two 5-0 results to No. 2 UCLA and No. 5 Cal Poly at the Stanford West Coast Classic on Saturday.

Pacific falls to 6-10 on the season, while UCLA improves to 30-3 and Cal Poly to 22-4.

Against the Bruins all-but-one pair suffered a two-set sweep. The Tigers No. 4 pair — Emily Baptista and Maycie LaBass — took their match with UCLA's Madi Yeomans and Elise Zappia to three sets, after dropping the first set 21-17, Baptista/LaBass snagged a narrow 25-23 win to force the 15-point deciding set, which the Tigers pair eventually dropped by a score of 15-8.

Then in Pacific's final match of the weekend, the Tigers' were outmatched by the Mustangs once again with only No. 3 Katrin Gotterba/Alex Holt and No. 4 Emily Baptista/Hanne De Schrijver adding pressure to Cal Poly's game. Both pairs forced their opponents to a 22-20 set one victory before falling by considerable margin in the second set.

Pacific will return home Tuesday afternoon for a single match against West Coast Conference foe Santa Clara. First serve is scheduled for 3:00 p.m.



No. 2 UCLA 5, Pacific 0
Nicole McNamara/Megan McNamara (UCLA) def. Andie Shelton/Skylar Wine (PAC) - 8-21, 9-21
Lily Justine/Sarah Sponcil (UCLA) def. Kaitlyn Lines/Roni Long (PAC) - 17-21, 14-21
Mac May/Savvy Simo (UCLA) def. Katrin Gotterba/Alex Holt (PAC) - 17-21, 18-21
Madi Yeomans/Elise Zappia (UCLA) def. Emily Baptista/Maycie LaBass (PAC) - 17-21, 25-23, 15-8
Izzy Carey/Megan Muret (UCLA) def. Ashlyn Fleming/Taylor Poncetta (PAC) - 14-21, 15-21
Exh. - McQuarrie/Cami Sanchez (UCLA) def. Hanne De Schrijver/Olivia Petnicki (PAC) - 13-21, 17-21

No. 5 Cal Poly 5, Pacific 0
Manley/Emily Sonny (CP) def. Andie Shelton/Skylar Wine (PAC) - 17-21, 10-21
Taylor Nelson/Adlee Van Winden (CP) def. Kaitlyn Lines/Roni Long (PAC) - 9-21, 16-21
Macy Gordon/Raeann Greisen (CP) def. Katrin Gotterba/Alex Holt (PAC) - 20-22, 13-21
Hannah Hubbard/Heather Pembroke (CP) def. Emily Baptista/Hanne De Schrijver (PAC) - 20-22, 11-21
Brayden Gruenwald/Jamie Stivers (CP) def. Ashlyn Fleming/Taylor Poncetta (PAC) - 14-21, 18-21
Exh. - Sjea Anderson/Livy Lee (CP) def. Olivia Petnicki/Emily Baptista (PAC) - 17-21, 16-21